Unconditional customer satisfaction
Unconditional customer satisfaction
Unconditional customer satisfaction
Body Top Image
Body Top Image
New Products
Track Rod Bush, Rear 51024 MERCEDES
Rubber Mounting For Spring, Rear, Old Model 51096 MERCEDES
Rubber Mounting Control Arm, Upper 51485 MERCEDES
Axle Boot, Outer 51566 MERCEDES
Shock Absorber Bushing, Rear, Upper 52289 MERCEDES
Engine Mounting C / E Series 53030 MERCEDES
Engine Mounting Vito Manual 53041 MERCEDES
Engine Mounting A / B / CLA Series 53049 MERCEDES
Engine Mounting E Series 53052 MERCEDES
Strut Mounting, Rear 53054 MERCEDES
Rubber Mounting 53159 MERCEDES
Rubber Mounting 53160 MERCEDES
Propshaft Mounting 53176 MERCEDES
Engine Mounting Vito 53177 MERCEDES
Gearbox Mounting 53178 MERCEDES
Gearbox Mounting 53180 MERCEDES
Rubber Mounting AXLE Suspantion 53228 MERCEDES
Gearbox Mounting C / E Series 53275 MERCEDES
Strut Mounting 53320 MERCEDES
Rubber Mounting, Control Arm 53322 MERCEDES

Our company, which was established in 2009 with the self-confidence of 15 years of knowledge, provides services in the production of rubber and sheet metal spare parts in the automotive sector. Adopting professional business principles and unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle, Profes Automotive aims to be a pioneer in its field with the experience it has gained, and has adopted the delivery of the highest quality product with the best service. Profes Automotive wishes to carry the OFE brand further from where it is today, together with you, our valued customers, by increasing its product range and capacity. We take our name from PROFESSIONALism with our staff who love their job, give importance to R&D, and produce solutions by working in a planned and disciplined way.

The numbers ref lect our experience our quality our work!
Annual Production Capacity
The numbers ref lect our experience our quality our work!
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To produce the best quality rubber and metal auto spare parts with the contributions of our employees, suppliers and customers in our own field.